Admire the fascinating beauty of Hue lagoon

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    Beside the old charms of the ancient palaces, citadel and temples, there is another corner of "Hue", which attracts visitors by rustic life, fascinating wildlife. Together with Hidden Land Travel, let’s explore what are these exciting things that make Hue city become an ideal destination for tourist. Also this is a real chance for us to admire the beauty of Hue lagoon.

    Hue lagoon-the real hidden charm of nature

    In June, when the summer has come and almost beaches are in the cool blue water with a new space, peace is always a favorite destination of many visitors. All the attractions such as Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Da Nang, Vung Tau ... seem to be familiar. And also because crowded space no longer brings the feeling of comfort for visitors who love the quiet and exploring scene. Making a trip to Hue, enjoy the beauty of nature and people of Hue lagoon is the best choice to explore the coastal area of Hue.

    In fact, along Highway 49 is the ideal road when coming to the Central, explore their own summer vacation.

    Highway 49 starts from the center of Hue city. Highway 49 starts at Thuan An, where the stretch of massiveTam Giang lagoon with Thuan An beach runs through almost all lagoons in Hue: Thanh Lam lagoon, Sam lagoon, Ha Trung lagoon, Thuy Tu lagoon , Cau Hai Lagoon. The road ends when it entersHighway 1A in the north at the foot of Phuoc Tuong Pass. If anyone along this road will not be distracted by the sky, blue sea and the "curved boat" surfing on the wave of the lagoon. The special thing of this road is started by a beach and so does the. If Thuan An beach has long been famous for crowded and comfortable sites. Hai Binh beach (belonging to Loc Binh commune, Phu Loc district) is located in the center of Tu Hien beach and Canh Duong beach. In the sea of Hai Binh tourists can roam, explore, discover new things of life here, experience delicious seafood dishes in a space friendly nature of Hue lagoon.

    Indispensable things to do with Hue lagoon

    Hai Binh beach has a length of about 3 km, completely new which only formed less than 10 years due to the erosion of sea water. The land divide between the sea and Cau Hai lagoon is overflowing sea water, invasive form a new line carrying saltwater into the lagoon. It is the place where formed a sandy beach, cool water, mild waves, is suitable for swimming, camping and parties with romantic space on the sand.

    More, if you love the local activities like fishing net, snail catcher ... you can choose a net, fishing rod and ready to be a real fisherman. Mullet, the famous seafood in the lagoon often close to the coast at the beginning of the water up and down at the edge about 20 - 25cm. Therefore, it’s easy to catch and fish for the meals.

    How to get to Hue lagoon?

    The best way to entirely enjoy Hue lagoon is by motorbike and private car which provide you the free time and comfortable during the trip. Hidden Land travel would love to give you the best services to do the Hue lagoon trip. A nice motorbike of Hue scooter rental is the most ideal choice which is well-maintained, powerful and stable. Or, Hue private car will support you with comfortable car, basic English driver and reasonable price. Let’s do it!

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